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pilates annapolis student 2023

During a doctor’s appointment last December, my primary care physician recommended that I consider taking a Pilates class. I took her advice and began to look for a Pilates studio near my home in Calvert County. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately…more about that later, my search came up empty. I then focused my attention to Annapolis where I came across Excel Pilates. I contacted the studio to request a brief studio tour. Kerry, the owner, greeted me and introduced me to the different apparatus, and explained the different types of sessions that are offered. On 11 January ‘20, I started my first session. It was such a positive experience that I couldn’t wait for the next one. The studio is conveniently located, and is equipped with many apparatus, but best of all, the faculty is extremely knowledgeable, very motivating, and 100% committed to each client. From the start of the session till the end, the teacher gives their undivided attention while carefully explaining and guiding the student throughout the exercise. Their keen eyes are superhuman, closely monitoring the position and movement of each part of the body. If there is a flaw in the execution, the teacher will convey the necessary correction. From my experience, they don’t miss anything. To date, I’ve completed 10 sessions, the “first set of three milestones” from Joe Pilates’ famous quote. Now about that search in CC which turned up empty, it looks like it worked out for the best. I’m happy I’ve become a client of Excel Pilates and hope to be for years to come. Thank you Excel Pilates, you rock!