August 2013 Scoop
by Kelly Lange, featured Excel Pilates Annapolis client

It was by chance – and because of a sore throat – that I discovered Pilates. Although I went to the nurse practitioner for a throat culture, I mentioned my recent spontaneous rib fractures. She suggested Pilates – specifically, Excel Pilates.
The rib fractures were an unhappy side effect of 18 years of breast cancer treatment. I was originally diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer when I was 32 years old. Over the years I have had multiple regional and distant recurrences, and lots of different therapies. I am very fortunate that my now stage 4 cancer is under control. But unfortunately, all the medications have left my bones weak, and the eight surgeries have severely compromised my right arm and torso.
I was skeptical at first – I never imagine that I could execute even the most basic Pilates exercises. But Kerry and her team did a fantastic job working with my limitations, and I found myself getting stronger. Many of my daily activities are easier now. For example, I am no longer afraid to carry a load of laundry up the stairs – I just take care to draw on my core to protect my ribs. 
It is our pleasure to share Pilates with Kelly.   She is a very driven client and does a workout that would wear out the average athlete.  Kelly’s medical history does not interfere with her progression with Pilates.  If you observed her sessions at the studio, you’d be in awe.  We are, every time we teach her. -Kerry
Although retired from her work as a software engineer, Kelly volunteers as President of METAvivor Research and Support, a group for metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer. You can read more about the organization at www.metavivor.org. Kelly welcomes contact from anyone with breast cancer at Kelly@metavivor.org.