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11 Annapolis Street, Suite A
Annapolis, Maryland 21401



Locally owned and operated since 2002. Find us in WEST ANNAPOLIS

11 Annapolis Street, Suite A, Annapolis, MD 21401  -- Add us to your GPS today!

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News & Articles

February 28th
The Teaser Family Treeby Kerry De VivoEvery exercise in the Pilates vocabulary is related. Like a family tree, we can take an exercise and work backwards through the order to find the similarities as well as the fundamental skills that are needed from exe…
October 3rd
PLEASE PARDON THE INTERRUPTIONby Kerry De VivoWhen I began teaching Pilates over 20 years ago, the studio policy, “In consideration of others, please turn off cell phones”, did not exist.  That is because we did not all have cel…
August 25th
by Amanda Smith BreonPilates IS for men.  Contrary to a stigma that Pilates is for women, the Pilates Method of body conditioning is an exercise system that was created by a man for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. At Excel Pil…

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At Excel Pilates Annapolis, we love to share the power and depth of the original - classical Pilates Method. We are a locally owned and operated traditional Pilates studio and have been servicing the Annapolis area with the original, classical Pilates Method since 2002.  Our extensively educated and experienced teachers thrive on assisting clients to better understand their bodies from the inside-out, meet their fitness goals-and beyond, and FEEL REALLY GREAT in their bodies and mind. It’s our mission to empower all participants in the Pilates Method through one on one, duet and trio sessions. Our studio environment is professional, motivating and supportive.  Want to feel great tomorrow? Contact us to start today!  We look forward to assisting you with scheduling. Please contact the studio by phone or email, or through our website on the Contact page.  We return all calls and emails within 24 hours and look forward to assisting you in designing a Pilates schedule specific for your goals. 

"My favorite day of he week is Friday -- the morning I go to the Pilates studio and work out with my pals. Kerry DeVivo is the owner of the Excel Pilates Annapolis studio, and has worked with us for over 10 years. She is an exceptional teacher, and provides an environment of support, enthusiasm, discipline, structure, and fun. The studio is immaculate and the apparatus is beautiful. All of the staff and teachers are true professionals, and they make sure every workout is effective and satisfying. When we leave the studio the concepts we learned there support our mind and bodies throughout the rest of our day. Make this a part of your life too!" 
- Excel Pilates Annapolis client since 2002